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Looking for a source of extra income? Interested in making money online? Not sure which money making program to go with? There’s a lot of information on the Internet about making money online, but you need to be very careful before jumping in head first.

If you’ve done enough research, you’ve probably have seen reviews for the system DotComSecrets X — in fact, you might have even searched the term DotComSecrets X Review and that’s how you arrived on this page.

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No matter how you got here… you are here… and the good news is, I have been in the Internet Marketing and “make money online” industry for over 13 years, so I have seen it all, made a lot of money, and have a good grasp of what works and what doesn’t. Continue reading to see what I think about the DotComSecrets program….

DotComSecrets X– Will it work for you?

First of all, if you’ve been convinced that making money online is as easy as buying some program or running some automated software and watching the revenues fly into your bank account, you are in for a very rude awakening.

There are thousands and thousands of different MLM’s (multi-level marketing), network marketing, affiliate marketing, and all kinds of other make money online programs that you can get involved with, but today, we will be reviewing DotComSecrets (created by Russell Brunson), to see if it’s right for you.

Before we get into it… let’s talk about who created the program. Russell Brunson, a self made Internet Marketing millionaire is the creator of DotComSecrets. Russell has made millions of dollars using the very same secrets that are found in his program. In fact, Russell made his first million dollars online within the first year of graduating college. Are you able to say the same about yourself? Maybe not… but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your first (or 2nd or even 50th) by following Russell’s secret strategies found in his DotComSecrets course.

So what is the program?

DotComSecrets first began as an Internet Marketing seminar that would have set you back about $5,000 if you wanted to attend. Many of those who attended these seminars felt the information that Russell had was like gold. Because of the success his student were having, Russell decided to take his million dollar knowledge and bring it to a much larger audience. At the same time, he created several objectives that he dedicated himself to accomplishing: – 1) Russell wants to help 100,000 people earn their first $100 online, 2) help 100,000 people quit their jobs 3) help 1,000 people earn 6 figures from the Internet and 4) help 1,000 people become millionaires.

Sounds like a bunch of bold statements… right? Maybe… maybe not… but that is Russell’s mission.

So, in short, the program is a compilation of Russells experience, knowledge and training in an easy to understand course.

Our Review of the Program

Positives notes:

  • Russell claims you can start making a profitable online income within the first 30 days.
  • You don’t need thousands of dollars to get started making money with this program
  • You can try the course out for $1 for 30 days — if you aren’t making money… just cancel risk free.
  • The program is delivered digitally, so it’s very easy to access and very easy to use.
  • Aside from the PDF’s, there’s ton’s of videos for those of you who are “visual learners”.
  • The course covers a range of topics, from driving web traffic, to building a money making email machine.
  • The videos are “time-released” to keep a newbie on track and not overwhelmed.
  • You get access to over $100,000 worth of information, audio’s, videos, PDF’s, etc.

Negative notes:

  • This is not a shortcut to becoming a millionaire (although, you CAN make a lot of money very quickly)
  • After the $1 trial, it becomes $97 per month, which actually isn’t bad compared to many other programs out there.
  • This isn’t a magical system. You actually do have to put in some work to see results — but the results can be amazing if you follow suit.
  • The videos are delivered in a time-released series… (which is good if you are a newbie) but if you feel that you are an experienced marketer from the start, it might be a few days before you get to anything that you don’t already know.

All in all… Do we recommend the DotComSecrets X for newbie’s looking to make money online? Absolutely! What do you have to lose besides the $1 trial?

Proven as a successful Internet Marketer, Russell wants to make you his next success story, so stop thinking about it and give it a shot for 30 days!

Risk Free – $1 Trial

I can’t guarantee you that you’ll make as much as even a penny using Russell’s system… but, Russell is so confident that his program(s) will get you making money online that he is giving away a 30 day trial for only $1! That’s great news! That means you can stop worrying about reading online reviews by people like me and just create your OWN DotComSecrets X review by trying it for 30 days!

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